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Creating a College Culture
for Latino Students
Successful Programs, Practices and Strategies

The Book: At a time when Latinos are the largest growing group in the United States, the book Creating a College Culture for Latino Students underscores the urgency of preparing Latino students for college and describes how effective programs across the country are successfully shepherding students to college.

“This resource book provides practical strategies to build a college culture for Latino and minority students.  By engaging its readers with compelling narratives from students, parents, and educators in addition to real examples of success, district and school admin- istrators will be inspired to create a change in their school and district cultures.”

-- Margaret Adams, Director of Language, Literacy, and Title I, Malden Public Schools, Malden, Massachusetts

“The inclusion of stories depicting the actual and courageous journeys that students have traveled to achieve their goal is both poignant and impressive. Of particular note, Del- gado Gaitan covers the topic of college planning with parents, a critical component of the successful Latino experience.”

Carmella S. Franco, Former Superintendent and State Appointed Trustee, Whittier, California

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ISBN: 978-1452257709

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